Loved ones search for answers in murder of hearing impaired man

A family continues to search for answers weeks after the murder of a hearing-impaired man.

According to DeKalb County investigators, 23-year-old Derricor "DJ" Jenkins was found shot to death near Boring Road in Decatur. Jenkins was found just over a mile from his family's home.

Derricor Jenkins cousin, Ajah, said he was wearing his hearing aid the night he was killed along Flat Shoals Parkway. 

She said he wanted to be a clothing designer. Now, his family is left to wonder what happened when he left home that December night.

"I feel like I’m living December 27th over like every day," Jenkins' cousin Ajah Jenkins explained. "I don't feel like this is real." 

Ajah is still trying to wrap her head around the reality that her cousin and her best friend is no longer by her side.

"All I remember is screaming, and I believe I was screaming DJ. I was just like 'DJ, DJ, DJ. No," she recalled after learning of his death.

Authorities haven't been able to provide the family with any updates on his death -leaving them to ponder over his final moments.

"I don't know anything. My family don't know anything. Everybody keeps replaying like what could he have been doing, where could he have been going, did somebody pick him up, did he go walking," Ajah asked. 

Loved ones said Jenkins was wearing a sweatshirt and pajama pants when officers found him shot in the chest.

Jenkins' family said he is hearing-impaired, but Ajah says he was wearing his hearing aid at the time of his murder.

"DJ was hearing impaired, but DJ still lived a normal life. He still hung out with his friends. DJ was the type of person that could hang out with anybody." 

Ajah also told FOX 5's Brian Hill that Jenkins' mother last saw him sitting on their front porch just hours before his death.

Investigators later found Jenkins just before 11 p.m. He later died at the hospital.

"It's hard to sleep at night knowing that whoever hurt him is just living their life," she mentioned. 

Anyone with information about this case should contact the DeKalb County Police Department or submit anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers by calling 404-577-TIPS (8477).