Local registered nurse fighting pandemic across multiple states

Since late January, Brittney McDaniel has witnessed firsthand COVID-19 transition into the deadly pandemic we see today.

"We didn't know what we were dealing with, so Seattle was kind of the introduction," she told FOX 5's Brian Hill.

The Forsyth County Registered Nurse has volunteered at hospitals in Washington state, California and, now, Buffalo, New York.

"When we showed up for rapid relief, the nurses were tired and they were overwhelmed and overworked," McDaniel explained.

The hospital is a coronavirus treatment facility, so medical staff only works with positive patients.

McDaniel said most of the ICU patients are sedated and on a ventilator.

"The interactions with them are on a reorienting type basis. We're constantly 'hey, you're in the hospital. We're here with you, you're safe', that kind of thing," McDaniel mentioned.

Everyone on the floor is dressed head to toe in personal protective gear.

"You have a respirator on the entire time, the whole day, so there's no water, there's no fresh air," she mentioned.

"We're seeing a lot of success. I believe the hospital here has had, as of a week or two ago, about 100 discharges."

She works about 70 hours a week and has only been back home once in months.

McDaniel said when she's not working, she sleeps a lot and explores the city to help her continue fighting.

"It's the first sunny day in Buffalo I think I’ve had."

McDaniel told us she hopes other hospitals will turn into COVID-19 only facilities because they have a number of benefits for staff and patients.