Local LEGO Masters compete online

The last teams standing will go head-to-head tonight on the season finale of "LEGO Masters."  And while we can't tell you which team wins yet -- we can tell you who took top honors in a local version of the FOX hit.

A group of Atlanta elementary school students recently competed in their own "LEGO Masters"-style battle, using the colorful bricks to build dream destinations and then posting their creations online.  The idea started with the Excell family, which watches the show every week.  “Every Saturday since the season’s been running, we watch it as a family all together," says mom Bronnie Excell.  "And so when that ended at about 9:00 on Saturday, and there was still an entire weekend to fill in...I just thought well, we have plenty of LEGO!”

So did all their friends, of course, and thus the stage was set for an online brick-building challenge.  The rules were simple -- the youngsters could work solo or with a sibling, they couldn't use any pre-built sets, and the creations all had to revolve around a common theme:  “The topic was, build the place you’d rather be right now, because they couldn’t go anywhere,” says Excell.

The ten entries are as varied as you’d imagine, ranging from a colorful Costa Rican scene to an IKEA delivery truck!  After a voting period online, a winner was declared — Flynn, who built a detailed pool scene, complete with swimming lanes and a hot tub.  As winner, he took home a $30 Amazon gift card.

To check out the creations of these local LEGO Masters, click the video player in this article.  And catch the season finale of “LEGO Masters” on FOX, tonight at 9:00 p.m.