KISS fan scammed out of $600 by fake tickets

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KISS fans packed into State Farm Arena Saturday night for the group’s farewell tour show in Atlanta.

One woman who bought $600 worth of tickets on Craigslist got a huge surprise just days before the concert that her tickets weren't real.

“I found an ad on Craigslist for four tickets, for $150,” said Leigh. 

She met the seller, a man who went by the name “Travis,” at a McDonald’s in Decatur. She handed him $600 for the tickets.

“I gave him the money, and I felt pretty good about it. It had a receipt and everything,” Leigh said.

When she got home and started thinking about it, she said she felt weird about the order, so she called Ticketmaster to double check the order.

Ticketmaster told her her order number did not exist, and the number she had on her tickets had too many digits to even be a valid Ticketmaster number.

Additionally, the address for the tickets on the receipt was not a valid address.

Leigh tried to call Travis back but got no answer.

“I was so mad,” she said. “I felt violated.”

So, she went to police and filed a report. She turned in the tickets for evidence and a photo she had taken of Travis when they met at the McDonald’s.

Now she wants other buyers to be on the lookout for lookalike phony tickets.

“Don’t get scammed like I did, I don’t want anyone to get hurt,” Leigh said. “It would fool anybody.”

State Farm Arena heard about Leigh's ticket scam and hooked her up with four tickets, so she could see the show.