Kirkwood residents want answers after pedestrian bridge fire

Investigators are working to learn who intentionally set a pedestrian bridge on fire.

The incident happened at the Kirkwood Urban Forest in southeast Atlanta on April 15.

"It’s a disappointment," Katie Kissel said.

Disappointment is the mood for those living near the pedestrian bridge after it was intentionally set on fire.

"Oh my goodness! You would be surprised at how expensive they are," Kissel explained.

Katie Kissel is the president of the Kirkwood Neighbors Organization and said the $55,000 bridge was just completed in 2017.

"I really don’t understand why someone would set a fire like this. It makes me concerned about their mental health," Kissel said.

The bridge serves as a main entrance into the Kirkwood Urban Forest Park.

"It’s completely maintained by neighbors and the neighborhood organization even though it’s a city of Atlanta park," Kissel said.

"It’s sad to come down here and see the bridge in this state and not access the park as easily as we use to is kind of depressing," nearby resident Betsy Collins said.

This bridge was used almost daily by Betsy Collins and her 9-year-old son, Edwin Thompson, who likes to ride bikes and just have fun with his friends.

"We ride through here a lot and we like to ride to a fallen down tree and walk across it," Edwin Thompson said.

"We take for granted in our city that everyone may or may not have a car," Kissel said.

As investigators continue to figure out who is responsible neighbors are planning to come together to figure how they can move forward.

"It will be another opportunity for us to come together and for us to triumph over something that’s just really sad, honestly," Collins said.

Neighborhood leaders are asking if anyone knows anything to come forward with information.

Leaders have put together a fund to help raise money to rebuild. Anyone who would like to donate can click here.

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