Kidney donor needed for Stockbridge PD employee's daughter

The Stockbridge Police Department is asking for the public's help once again. But this time, their request is more personal.

The daughter of their Code Enforcement Supervisor Keyana Cook is in the need of a kidney.

Camyah Lucas was diagnosed with lupus nephritis and acute kidney failure at the age of 12, according to the department's Facebook post. After an 8-year battle, she is now in need of a kidney transplant.

Lucas is also a mother. Her daughter is one year old.

The police department is asking potential donors to visit to find out if they could be a match.

Even if you are not a direct match for Lucas, Emory Transplant Center also offers a paired exchange program. They work with the National Kidney Registry to locate matching kidneys and exchange with other recipients who have donors who do not match with them.

People typically have two kidneys, but only one is required for a normal, healthy life. Donating a kidney can be a life-saving and rewarding experience.