Kidnapping and sexual assault suspect wanted

DeKalb County Police released a sketch of a man they believe kidnapped and sexually assaulted a young woman at gunpoint, then stole her car. 

The 19-year-old victim, who identified herself as Meghan, spoke to FOX 5 News, hoping to warn others about the violent attack. 

"He had the gun and he wasn't afraid to use it ... it seemed like something he was very comfortable doing, and would do again," the victim said. 

Police said the ambush happened the evening of Jan. 25 on the 700 block of Derrydown Way. The woman said she was sitting in her car, waiting for her boyfriend to arrive at his residence when a man with a gun knocked on her window and forced himself into her car. 

A neighbor told FOX 5, he witnessed the man get into her car, and after they drove off, he called the police. 

The victim tells FOX 5 News, the gunman forced her to drive for an hour and a half.

"Then I knew he wanted to do something worse to me," she said.

Police said she was taken to the area of Ollie and Lena Streets NW in Atlanta, where she was sexually assaulted, and the suspect stole her 2003 Honda Civic.

The victim said she wandered until neighbors found her and called Atlanta Police.

DeKalb Police said the incident is not related to the Jan. 4 attempted carjacking on the same street, where a man tried to carjack another woman, and the vehicle didn't start.  

The suspect is described as a black male, age 30 to 45, wearing a camouflage hooded sweatshirt, tan cargo pants, and armed with a black handgun. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the DeKalb Police Homicide Unit at 770-724-7850.