Jury selection begins in murder trial of former DeKalb County police officer

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It has taken four and a half years but Monday jury selection begins in the murder trial of Robert Olsen.

The former DeKalb County police officer is accused of killing Air Force and Afghanistan War veteran Anthony Hill. Hill died after being shot at an apartment complex near Chamblee back in March 2015.

Olsen responded to a call about an erratic person and found Hill, who was naked, in the complex parking lot. He says Hill ran toward him and fearing for his life opened fire in self-defense. 

Prosecutors say Olsen pulled the trigger within seconds, failing to assess the situation. They also maintain that Olsen could've used other means to deal with Hill.

Investigators say Hill suffered from PTSD and was bipolar. His family says Hill's behavior was caused by a bad reaction to his medicine. They have expressed frustration with the amount of time it has taken for the case to go before a jury. Three different judges have recused themselves for various reasons.

The trial, including jury section, could last up to three weeks.