Judge issues battery warrant against Henry County teacher

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A judge issues an arrest warrant for a Henry County teacher after she allegedly pulled a student's hair.

The January incident happened at Henry County Middle school. Parent Latrice McMillian said her 8th-grade daughter told her science teacher, Dr. Tracy Parham pulled her by the hair after refusing to let her go to the bathroom January 16. Sequoia McMillian, 14, said she asked another teacher to go to the bathroom and when she returned Dr. Parham was angry.

Her mother, Ms. McMillian, said the administration admitted the veteran science teacher put her hands on Sequoia during a meeting at the school with the assistant principal.

"I talk to Dr. Parham and Dr. Parham said she indeed pulled Sequoia's hair, but it was an accident. Her hand got tangled up in Sequoia's hair when she was trying to block her from walking in the doorway because she snuck out of her class to go to the bathroom, " the assistant principal said.

"I said go back and ask her if she is going to stick to that story, because I have video if the incident," a confident Ms. McMilliam rebutted.

McMillian said Henry County Middle School has a video of the incident that they allowed her to see, but would not give her a copy.

The Henry County Solicitor’s Office confirmed a probable cause hearing took place Thursday morning and Magistrate Court Judge Blount issued a battery warrant for Dr. Parham's arrest after watching the surveillance video and hearing all the evidence.

Ms. McMillian believes the Henry County School System has not punished Dr. Parham properly and in addition to the criminal charge, she would like to see the teacher lose her job.

"I feel like teachers, people who work at the school system should have patience. If you don't have patience that's not the place for you," Ms. McMillian concluded.

Henry County Jail officials told FOX 5 News Dr. Parham has until 9 a.m. Friday to turn herself in on the misdemeanor charge.