Jon Ossoff pushing bill that would help address flooding in metro Atlanta neighborhoods

After several attempts to reach city officials about severe flooding in one metro Atlanta neighborhood, a disabled veteran says his complaint is finally getting the attention it deserves. It’s also gained the attention of Sen. Jon Ossoff, who sponsored a bill to address the longstanding issue of flooding. 

"This is core to our health and our safety," Ossoff said. "I have introduced the City of Atlanta Storm Water Management Act to empower the Army Corps of engineers to work with the city to reduce flood risk and improve water quality." 

The Democratic senator said the legislation he introduced in May could make a difference for residents in areas of Atlanta where flooding is prominent. 

"Its purpose is to help protect folks in Metro Atlanta from dangerous and damaging floods and also to avoid contamination and damage to water quality, especially in raw creeks that feed the Chattahoochee river and run through our communities," he explained. 

Jerome Sheats is one of many who live in Atlanta’s flood zone. He said the most recent flooding at his home on Redford Drive resulted in his car being totaled.

"I have to get a new one…it’s just gonna be a constant thing going on," he said.

Ossoff said as someone who grew up in metro Atlanta, it’s a problem he’s familiar with.

"It can destroy homes, it can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases, if the insurance isn’t there, it can push folks into bankruptcy," he said.

Sheats said, while he’s glad to see crews from the city now working to find a solution, he’s also grateful it’s on the U.S. Senate’s radar. 

"I’m excited that one of our senators heard the call…I really can’t ask for more," he said. 

Ossoff said victory hasn’t yet been assured, but he has made progress with the bill. So far, the legislation has successfully moved through committee.