Ossoff calls for federal probe of Clayton County Jail

Georgia's senior U.S. senator has called on the Department of Justice to open an investigation in the Clayton County Jail.

Sen. Jon Ossoff says he has heard several credible reports describing deplorable conditions inside the facility. 

"This is a serious issue that requires immediate and high-level attention," Sen. Ossoff said. 

Ossoff wants the Department of Justice to look into conditions inside the jail.

"There are credible reports and significant evidence, in my view, that conditions in the jail are inhumane, are dangerous, and put lives at risk," Ossoff said. 

In a two-page letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, the senator says conditions are at a dire and crucial position.

Claims include a 38-year-old who died just one day after he was booked into the facility.

Other accounts of inmates being shocked with Tasers and left unattended, to bedbugs, to inmates having to share underwear.

"Every single American, no matter their status in the criminal justice system, are entitled to civil rights, human rights," Ossoff said. 

"Every day that action is not taken, people are dying, or being abused within these facilities," Thomas Reynolds said.

Prominent Atlanta attorney Thomas Reynolds couldn't agree more. 

"People forget that these people have not been convicted of a crime, and any one of us can improperly be behind those jail walls and be innocent. They are presumed innocent, yet they are dealing with life or death situations," Reynolds said. 

Reynolds says his office gets numerous calls of the conditions inside Clayton County jail facility. 

The DOJ is already investigating conditions inside the nearby Fulton County Jail.

"Nobody deserves to be put into a position where they are being mistreated, malnourished, physically, or sexually abused and the people who are responsible for them are turning a blind eye or contributing to it," Reynolds said. 

Another claim is of a man who says he had testicular cancer. His tumor was reportedly was the size of his palm and was hard. The man died in January. 

FOX 5 reached out several times in the last week to the Clayton County Sheriff's Office for some sort of comment, but have yet to hear back.