Investigation of woman's body in burned car leads to apartment complex

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The investigation into a woman’s body found inside a car in Lawrenceville led police to a Johns Creek apartment complex Wednesday.

A Johns Creek police spokesman told FOX 5’s Deidra Dukes investigators arrived at the Retreat at Johns Creek apartment complex early Wednesday morning after tracking down the boyfriend of a woman who had driven the car.

Johns Creek Police Captain Chris Byers said the boyfriend told police the couple had recently gone to the Johns Creek apartment complex to buy drugs.

Byers added they haven’t ruled out the possibility the woman in the car was kidnapped based on what the boyfriend told them.

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Lawrenceville Police confirmed Wednesday the victim is a female, but have not publicly identified her or said if she is the woman who was driving the car.

The new development follows the discovery Tuesday of the body inside the burning car in a Lawrenceville neighborhood.

Lawrenceville Police have called the death “suspicious” and are investigating the case as a homicide and arson.

"They put the fire out and discovered there was a body within the car," Lawrenceville Police Lt. Jake Parker said Tuesday.

Firefighters found the body inside the vehicle after extinguishing the flames. The car was fully involved when they arrived on scene.

Police call the death suspicious and suspect foul play. 

"I heard loud popping like metal, looked out the window saw flames," neighbor Bradley Pastinack said,

Drawn out of bed by strange popping sounds at around 3 a.m. Tuesday, Pastinack lept into action after discovering a vehicle on fire behind his Lawrenceville home.

A woman who was nearby heard the boom overnight, but only learned of the gruesome discovery when she left home for work a few hours later.

"Cops were on the scene all morning long they told us about 6 when they realized everybody was starting to get up to go to work what had occurred," the woman said.

Detectives spent the morning going over the car and scouring the area for evidence. According to fire officials, the vehicle appeared to have been deliberately set ablaze.

"Just thinking about the safety of my kids. I have already discussed with him about moving so, I think this is just another push," local resident Anna Sanchez said

Worried for their three young children, Sanchez wants to move. Pastinack agrees it's time to go.

"I don't want to be near something like that," he said.

Anyone with information about the case should contact the Lawrenceville Police Department.