Indictment in Polk County murder mystery

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Nearly a year after a woman was found brutally murdered in a cemetery in Polk County, police said they've found the man responsible.

"It was a very long investigation and one that took the help of multiple agencies," Polk County Police Detective Joshua Smith said.

Thursday, a grand jury has indicted Roe Bowman, 54, in the death of 50-year-old Tammy Chambers Wolfe. Investigators said Wolfe's body was found in her parked car at the Polk Memory Gardens last April.

"If convicted, he's facing a lifetime behind bars," Det. Smith said.

Bowman was booked into the Polk County Jail. Det. Smith said he is responsible for stabbing and shooting death of his ex-girlfriend and former fiancée Tammy Wolfe in what police are calling one of the worst murders they've ever seen.

"We initially thought it was a suicide, but then we quickly realized it was a crime of passion so we zeroed in on the people closest to her," Smith said. "Bowman was a person of interest from the beginning."

Initially, police believed it was a suicide, but later determined it to be a homicide because of the number of stabbings and shots fired.

Police would not comment on why Bowman was a person of interest from the beginning or what ultimately led to his arrest.

"We will not comment on that at this time," Smith said.

Wolfe's family did not want to speak on camera but told FOX 5 they are "relieved" Bowman is behind bars. The family said the two were engaged a few months prior to Wolfe's murder.

Bowman was not given bond. It was not immediately known when his next court appearance was scheduled.

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