Increased patrols to keep children safe from potential child abductions on Labor Day

The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in identifying and locating a woman they believe has made multiple attempts to abduct children.

Extra deputies are on patrol, especially with more children out of school this Labor Day holiday.

Deputies reported getting dozens of tips from the public in just a few days, but they still don't have a suspect just yet.

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Witnesses say a white, thin woman with blonde shoulder length hair was seen speaking to multiple children in Orchard Hill Park in Griffin. Deputies said she asked a little boy to help her find a puppy. A woman intervened and pulled the boy away.

Deputies believe the same woman has also posed as a DFACS worker and has knocked on multiple homes to try and lure children away from their parents.

“It was an attempt to identify the identities of children,” said Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Tony Thomason. “Once she was confronted, she fled the scene or left the scene. Thomason said deputies aren’t sure what this woman’s intentions are, but he said it could be anything from abduction to fraud.

“We are concerned that it could be something involving sex trafficking or something as sinister as that,” said Thomason. “That’s the worst case scenario.”

Neighbors said this woman is not going to stop them from enjoying the park this Labor Day. “People are scared,” said grandmother Terry Ferrell. “But this your county, this is your park. We’re not gonna let em run us off, we’re just gonna be vigilant and present.”

Deputies told FOX 5 they have one key witness they still need to find, the little boy the woman tried to abduct in orchard hill park

“We’re actually still seeking to ID the child from the park in orchard hill and that child’s parent or parents,” said Thomason. “We would like to talk with them to rule out it’s a family member or something like that.”

Deputies said the woman has been seen driving both a white van and a black Jeep Grand Cherokee, neither car had tags.

Neighbors tell us many community members are checking parks for these cars in hopes of tipping off police to where this woman may be.

“The sheriff has a very good composite sketch, you will be found, so turn yourself in and stop trying to steal people’s children,” said grandfather Bryan Ferrell.

Deputies ask anyone with information to call them or send a direct message on social media. They say tagging or sharing a tip publicly could compromise the investigation.