Husband and wife crime spree over after bust at motel

An apparent lengthy crime spree centered out of a Cobb County extended-stay motel is over.

It takes 22 pages of legal documents to spell out the multiple charges against a husband and wife Salvatore and Melissa Iovino at the Extended Stay America on Busbee Drive NW in the Kennesaw area. 

Salvatore Lovino, 36, faces the most charges including theft by taking, connected to a stolen car. And credit card theft, connected to using someone’s else’s plastic.

Also identity theft for altering a license with his picture. One of the residents, who didn’t want his face shown, wasn’t happy to learn about his troubled neighbors.

“It’s kind of scary to hear to know that this kind of stuff happens around you, you know,” said the resident.

It was happening near Kennesaw State University, the KSU Center is next door to the Motel.

According to the arrest warrants, 28-year-old Melissa Iovino faces intent to distribute meth and other drug charges. The legal paperwork said police found a digital scale and other items used in drug sales. The couple was arrested at the Motel on the morning of November 7th with drug gear, stolen bank cards, phony checks and altered licenses, all geared at profiting at other people’s expense. That wasn’t lost on their neighbor who is struggling after losing his job.

“Gotta do it the right way, struggle, work hard and you’ll get there somehow,” said the resident.

The warrants also said Salvatore Iovino stole a key fob from an LA Fitness to get into a car where he stole the man’s wallet with credit cards and ID. Motel resident.

Arsine Bradshaw wonders if there are other victims. “Report it to local authorities as soon as possible you know I’m adamant about that,” said Bradshaw.

The Iovinos remain behind bars as police continue to search for more victims.