How to make apple roses with Daniel Day 'Chef D'

Apple roses from Chef D: He's a fitness expert with a passion for cooking. Daniel Day stops by Good Day Atlanta with healthy Valentine's treat that is easy to make at home. 

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For more on today's recipe see below. 

Apple Rose Recipe/Ingredients: Puff Pastry Sheets-Red Apples-Lemon Juice-Your Favorite Jelly Filling-Powder Sugar/Cinnamon to top-Dough Roller-Pizza Cutter-Large Bowl-Cupcake Tin-Non Stick Baking Spray

Cut the apple in half

Core the middle

Thinly slice the apple and place pieces into a bowl of lemon water

Microwave for 2.5 min to warm water and soften apples

Roll out each puff pastry sheet and cut into ~3in x 15in strip

Align softened apples along the edge of the pastry overlapping the slices\

Spread jelly filling over the apples

Fold the pastry sheet over to blanket the apple slices

Apply another layer of jelly

Carefully roll into a rose

Place in a non-stick cupcake tine for ~25 min on 350

Let cool and top with powder sugar/cinnamon