Douglasville elementary student brings knife to school, multiple children cut, school says

A fifth grader who brought a knife to school Tuesday was reportedly removed from the building after multiple children were cut, according to a letter the school principal sent home to parents.

It happened at Hal Hutchens Elementary School in Douglasville.

The letter states that the student brought a retractable utility knife "like the kind from a hardware store." While showing it to classmates, four children ended up with minor wounds on their arms.

The students' teacher notified administrators who notified the district's safety officer. The weapon was confiscated, the student who brought it in was removed, and the four injured children were treated in the nurse's office.

The principal said law enforcement is handling the situation.

"With less than two weeks remaining in the school year, I want to remind parents to talk to your students about appropriate behavior," Principal Priscilla Smith said. "The district's Student Code of Conduct outlines the types of items that are expressly prohibited at school. The consequences for violating this policy can be very serious."

The principal went on to provide information about an anonymous tip line where students, their guardians and staff can report inappropriate behavior anonymously.

"We appreciate your support as we work to keep Hutchens Elementary School a safe and positive learning environment for all students and staff."