Gwinnett Sheriff's Office to be featured on national TV show

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The Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office is about to get some national attention. They're being featured on Live PD, a television show that follows officers and deputies across the nation, broadcasting their every move live.

Photographers from Live PD will be riding along with deputies. Their cameras will be rolling, showing the audience a typical night in the life of a Gwinnett County Sheriff's Deputy.

"They're a little nervous but they're a little excited because they want the people to see this is what we do every night," said Chief Deputy Lou Solis.

When producers from Live PD approached Gwinnett, Sheriff Butch Conway was all for it.

"He wanted to show the community that there's a positive side to community policing and let them see what we do every night," said Chief Solis.

It's also a chance for the community to see the crime-fighting technology they use, like the License Plate Readers on the cars.

"This is what this guy does with the LPR, the computer is going to read a stolen vehicle or wanted person," said Chief Solis.

Live PD has featured dozens of agencies across the country, and while some have said it shows police in a bad light, Gwinnett is optimistic it will have the opposite effect.

"Could be a good recruiting tool, to say 'hey man want to do this?' come join the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office," said Chief Solis.

Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office will be featured along with five other agencies across the country for the next six weeks.