Gwinnett County animal control officer saves dog's life

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Stuck and struggling to survive for hours, little Moses, a one-and-a-half-year-old lab-pit bull mix was running out of time after falling into a creek behind a Stone Mountain home on July 11.

"He was submerged neck deep in the muddy water," Two Tailz Rescue founder Carolyn O'Brien said. "The weather was bad, so we've been told the side of the creek gave out and he fell in. As it continued to rain, he kept getting stuck and couldn't get out."

Hours passed before a neighbor called Gwinnett County Animal Control.

"The officer that came out saved Moses' life," O' Brien said. "If he hadn't come at that time, Moses wouldn't be alive."

O' Brien said the officer got down in the creek and pulled Moses to safety.

"We are so thankful to this officer," O'Brien said. "He was so patient with Moses."

O' Brien told FOX 5 News Moses has a long road to recovery.

"He had worms, he has an eye and skin infection, but he will get better," O' Brien said. "Now we are just looking for a foster to take this sweet pup home."

For more information on how to help Moses, call Two Tailz Rescue at 770-722-4159 or email them at