Gun expert offers free safety seminars in DeKalb County this weekend

A gun expert says a lot of gun violence is the result of carelessness. That’s why he is on a mission to educate his community on gun safety.

"If you need a license or education to drive a car, then why not a gun," Anthony Heywood said. 

Heywood has one thing constantly on his mind.

"What are the things that you need to know to keep yourself safe and the people around you safe," Heywood said.

He owns Atlanta Defensive Firearm and Safety Training and after hearing about several shootings he wants to give back to his community by offering gun safety classes this Saturday and Sunday. 

"Carelessness with firearms leads to mistakes, which aren’t really mistakes, it’s carelessness, but you can’t say you’re sorry and make those things go away," Heywood said. 

Heywood said there are common sense and simple things gun owners often forget which leads to deadly consequences. 

"You do not point your gun at anything you are not willing to destroy people or property. Keep your hand off the trigger and outside the trigger guard," Heywood said.

As school is out and kids are home, Heywood says it’s important to make sure weapons are being stored safely and properly.

"Kids climb, so a lot of people think if they put it on the dresser, or refrigerator, they won’t get up there. Kids are naturally inquisitive, and they will get up there and find it," Heywood said. 

So far this year in Atlanta, homicides are slightly down to 43 in comparison to 66 by the same time last year.

Heywood hopes his class will help keep numbers low and people alive and safe.

"I would much rather people walk away learning how to be aware and safe than learning how to be a marksman. I can teach both, but I rather teach how to be aware and safe," Heywood said.

Anyone interested in this weekend’s seminars needs to register. Go to for more.