Group raises $60k to help immigrant families pay bills, buy groceries

Americans began receiving government-issued stimulus checks in April, but one group didn’t -- undocumented immigrants.

Some have lost their jobs and struggle to pay rent.

One local organization has raised $60,000 to assist immigrant families affected by the coronavirus.

“Crises like COVID really shine that light on the disregard for immigrant lives and black and brown lives generally,” said Stephanie Flores, who is involved with multiple Athens immigrant advocacy organizations.

Flores’ parents are immigrants. They say they feel a responsibility to help their community

“It feels like something we have to do," Flores said. “Me especially, being born a citizen to immigrant parents, to an immigrant mother, and having lost people that I love.”

Flores is helping by working with multiple advocacy organizations in Athens, including the “Support Immigrant Families in Crisis,” which has raised $60,000.

The group provides up to $800 in rent and connects immigrants with opportunities for food and therapy assistance.

“Folks who wouldn’t have been able to pay their rent are getting their rent paid, which is wonderful," Flores said. “But it’s important to think ‘What happens beyond? What happens beyond COVID?’ when our community is struggling in some of these ways.”

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(Courtesy: Dignidad Inmigrante en Athens)

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Supporting Immigrant Families In Crisis offers assistance primarily in Athens and surrounding counties, but the group can provide direction to resources in other areas.

If you’re interested in volunteering, you can contact the Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition at

They are also accepting donations via Venmo @sific.