Group of three ambushes, robs Buckhead apartment resident

Atlanta Police are searching for a group of men who ambushed and robbed a Buckhead apartment resident. 

Surveillance video shows three armed men, throw a man to the ground as he was walking into the Skyhouse residential building near Peachtree Road around 4 a.m. on June 16.

Police believe the homeowner was targeted because he was wearing flashy expensive items from head to toe. The robbers stole the victim's phone, necklace, his $24,000 Rolex watch and a $1,200 pair of shoes called Yeezy.

Security camera video released by APD that literally shows one of the men pulling off the shoes as the resident was sprawled on the ground. The suspects committed the armed robbery using what police described as semi-automatic weapons with extended clips. 

Atlanta Police LT. P. Spann said the thieves saw the man go up into his apartment but when he came back downstairs to get something out of his vehicle that's when he was targeted. Spann advises everyone to be careful about putting on showy apparel or jewelry.

The trio of thieves do not match the profile of any other related Rolex robberies in the Buckhead area.

If anyone saw a Chrysler 200 driving from the Skyhouse around early Saturday morning, you are asked to call the Atlanta Police Department.