Grieving mother seeks answers after daughter killed on I-20

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A Lawrenceville mother is demanding answers after her daughter was struck by a car while walking on the interstate on August 14. The 20-year old died from her injuries days later.

Doctors took Arlisha Crafton off of life-support at Grady Memorial Hospital just days after she was struck while walking on Interstate 20 in Atlanta, near the Hamilton E. Holmes exit ramp.

Her mother, Natasha Powell, is desperate to know what she was doing on the interstate that night.

"My daughter she wasn't drunk or high so I don't think she just made a conscious decision to get out of somebody's car," Powell said.

Days after making the difficult decision to take Arlisha off life-support, her family has now chosen to go public with their concerns.

Powell suspects her daughter did not willingly get out of the car she was riding in. She believes crucial details surrounding her daughter's fatal accident on I-20 have gone unreported.

"She didn't have her phone on her, or a wallet, so it's like they left her for dead out there on that highway like that," Powell said.

Atlanta Police said the 20-year-old was riding in a car when she got into an argument with her friend, and ordered the driver to pull over.

Crafton reportedly jumped out the car, and was struck by another vehicle as she walked down the highway.

Medics rushed Crafton to Grady Memorial Hospital. She died three days later.

"On that day, they say she was just completely brain dead, there was no coming back, so she saved five lives that day through organ donation," Powell told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes.

Crafton's family takes comfort in knowing some good came from their loss, but said they won't have closure until all their questions are answered.

They said no one who was in the car with Crafton went to the hospital on the night of the accident, or told them what happened.

Jessica Mejia's aunt said, "To say it was a group of friends, I know it was more than that. She was in a domestic partnership with one of the individuals in the vehicle and they've had a history of domestic violence which is concerning to me, which is why we also believe there is more to it than what the investigators have found thus far. "