Grandmother Remembers Clayton County Children Killed in Crash

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Their grandmother's house in Riverdale has become a gathering place for family and close friends. There are a lot tears and a lot of hugs here. But no one is any closer to understanding why 6-year-old Jayona and 5-year-old J'Aaron Hamrick were taken away.

"They were beautiful. Good, good children," Dena Bennett, the children's grandmother, told FOX 5 Wednesday.

Bennett saw the children after school Tuesday. Jayona was a first grader at Church Street Elementary School and J'Aaron was in Kindergarten. The brother and sister waited at their grandmother's house until their mother picked them up.

Bennett said her daughter, Jasmine Hamrick, picked the children up and drove less than a mile before turning on to Highway 138, where a tractor trailer truck slammed into her car, killing the children.

According to Clayton County Police, the children's mother told officers her brakes failed, and that caused her to roll into traffic. Police said the crash is under investigation. Investigators spent the day Wednesday looking at both vehicles.

"They were my heart," Bennett said. "My life was my babies, my grand babies."

Bennett said of Jayona, "She was just so sweet and everybody loved her, and she was smart. She was just that type of baby everybody wanted to take home."

And when asked about J'Aaron, Bennett said, "He's the one you couldn't tell a secret to, because he's going to tell everything. And they were wouldn't have a dull moment when they were around."