Governor Kemp: Company to open Henry County plant

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In the second such announcement this week, Governor Brian Kemp said Wednesday that a company plans to invest millions in the Georgia economy by bringing a facility to the state.

Sangsin Brake will open its first U.S. manufacturing facility in McDonough later this year.  The company plans to make a $20 million investment and create 200 jobs. 

The news comes just one day after SK Innovations broke ground on a facility in Jackson County. 

"These are the kind of jobs that we want," said Gov. Kemp in an exclusive interview with FOX 5.  "They're spread out all over our state [and] give hardworking Georgians great opportunity."

During his first months in office, Kemp has made business a priority.  His new Georgians First Commission will hold its first meeting later this month and is tasked with identifying barriers to small business.

"That's what we want to continue to facilitate in our state and be the best state in the country for cutting out red tape, allowing innovators and allowing great small businesses, that's what our economy's built on," Kemp explained. 

Some, however, believe that the governor's stance on another issue could pose a problem for Georgia's economy.  Governor Kemp has been a vocal supporter of the "heartbeat bill," which would ban most abortions in the state after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is around six weeks gestation. 

"We're fighting for life," said Gov. Kemp.  "We're fighting for life at the heartbeat, but we're also, even if you disagree with us on that issue, you know, be with us on adoption reform, be with us on sex trafficking.  You know, we have a wide agenda that will bring a lot of people into the fold and I don't see how that could possibly be bad for business in our state."