Good Day Atlanta viewer information story December 24, 2021

It’s become a tradition here at Good Day Atlanta to present an original song as part of our Christmas morning music show. In 2019, I wrote "Good Day Christmas List" and performed it with Alyse Eady, and last year we added Sharon Lawson to the mix on my original composition "Christmas in Atlanta."

This year’s song, which I’m calling "Didn’t Take Down My Christmas Tree," also features Alyse and Sharon on the bridge, but is far more stripped-down in tone and performance than those we’ve released in the past. My inspiration in writing the song came directly from news reports late last year of people planning to leave up their Christmas decorations long after the holiday had passed, hoping to spread some joy to others around them. It struck me that Christmas decorations — lights and tinsel and mistletoe and, of course, trees — really do possess a powerful ability to bring out the best in people. They are more than just symbols of a single holiday or religious belief; they represent hope and peace and the kind of idyllic world worth striving toward.

This idea quickly turned into an entire song, which I wrote and recorded in my little home "studio." My older brother Nate — a fantastic musician — added bass and some horns, and producer and engineer Trammell Starks was kind enough to let Sharon, Alyse and me lay down our vocals in his beautiful Metro Atlanta studio.

I’m really proud of "Didn’t Take Down My Christmas Tree" and I hope you enjoy it. The song is dedicated to each one of you who helped spread a little joy in 2021 — let’s do it again in 2022.

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