Good Day Atlanta viewer information September 16, 2020

“Archer” star Amber Nash “dances” into new season:  

Atlanta-based actress Amber Nash hasn’t just been sitting around while social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic — in fact, she’s getting active in a whole new way.

“I started doing a lot of online dance classes, that’s been really fun,” she laughs. “The thing is, I’m a terrible dancer.  But when you’re at home, and you’re not going to a real class with real people, nobody sees you!”

The Lilburn native and Georgia State University graduate is best known to audiences as the voice of Pam Poovey on the Emmy-winning FX/FXX animated series “Archer,” which returns for an eleventh season on Sept. 16.  Nash says she finished her work on the new season just days before productions shut down around the world.

“For us, in Atlanta, it was right on the cusp. Like, Lucky Yates, who also lives here in Atlanta, and I went in to record, I think, on March 16th or something. So … we really didn’t know what was going on, and we had to quickly get in and get out.”

The 11th season of “Archer” follows the show’s James Bond-inspired title character as he finally wakes up from his seasons-long coma.

“One of the fun things is that we’re going back to regular time,” says Nash. “So, the last three seasons have been in Archer’s brain, because he’s been in a coma for three years  So, he’s been going on and doing crazy adventures, but everybody else has been moving on with life, without Archer.  And so, he wakes up and the world’s moved on without him, and he’s got to get back into the swing of things.” 

Along with her work on “Archer,” Nash is preparing to film "How to Ruin the Holidays" here in Atlanta, a comedy written by her husband, Kevin Gillese.  She’s also active in the community, serving on the board of Blue Ridge-based Project Chimps and performing with Dad’s Garage Theatre Company.

And for the Berkmar High School graduate, continuing work on an award-winning series like “Archer” right here in her hometown is just about as good as it gets.

“I had no idea that this many years later, we’d still be making this show.  And the really cool thing is, it’s made here in Atlanta, and there’s so many artists that come right out of school and start working on an awesome show like ‘Archer.’”


Cherokee County designer turns “cuckoo” business plan into reality: 

It wouldn’t be an insult to call Jodie Davis a little “cuckoo” — after all, these days, the iconic sound of a cuckoo clock is practically her calling card.

“I call them boxes of joy,” she says, gesturing to a wall lined with her whimsical creations.

Jodie Davis is the owner of The American Cuckoo Clock Company, based out of Cherokee County.  The renowned quilter — known for writing more than 30 books and hosting popular television shows on the subject — first got the idea to design her own cuckoo clocks while shooting a television show in Switzerland.  Her initial vision — to design the clocks and have them manufactured in Germany — proved a longer process than Davis anticipated, and she decided instead to make them right here in North Georgia.

“The beauty is, I can make one or two of these, put them on the website … and see if they do well, instead of importing 100 at a time,” Davis says.

Designing and testing now happen in Davis’s home workshop; many of the building materials are gathered from her own property in Hickory Flat, although the actual clockworks are still imported from Germany.  Without a storefront from which to show and sell the clocks, Davis and her husband built out their own “mobile gallery” from a large van, transforming the interior into a well-lit display space featuring both finished products and Davis’s prototypes.  

Taking the gallery-on-wheels to local events, the owners say the general public has gone…well…cuckoo.

“It was such a long haul, and I’ve put everything I’ve got into this,” says Davis.  “And now to see people react, that the whole idea works, that people love it.  They’re so charmed.”

It’s a good feeling, Jodie Davis says, watching her American “cuckoo clock” Dream come true.


Free driv- thru COVID-19 and food distribution in Cobb County: 

It's a free event to help the community with drive-thru COVID-19 testing and food distribution, and it's happening this weekend in Cobb County. Congressman David Scott is organizing the event and joins us with the Core's Community Outreach Manager Teni-Ola Ogunjob. For more information click here.

"EXTRA's" Cheslie Kryst on Good Day Atlanta:

She's a former Miss USA now interviewing the most sought after celebrities and you can watch her right here on FOX 5 Atlanta. We're talking about "EXTRA's" Cheslie Kryst and she joins us live this morning to talk more about the revamped entertainment news program.  For more information on "EXTRA" click here.

Erin Rae from Hot 107.9 joins us to talk about the latest on Cardi B announcing she is getting divorced from Atlanta rapper Offset: For more information follow Erin Rae on Instagram @iamerinrae.