Good Day Atlanta viewer information: October 27, 2021

"Wild" fall colors bloom at Ball Ground’s Gibbs Gardens:  

Fall is often thought of as a season of gray days and dried-up leaves, but legendary landscaper Jim Gibbs says vibrant colors are possible this time of year. Want proof? Look no further than the recently-renovated Wildflower Meadow at Gibbs Gardens.

The blooms are abundant right now at Gibbs Gardens, the massive residential estate garden owned and operated by Mr. Gibbs up in Ball Ground, Georgia. And this morning, the Gibbs Landscape Company founder gave us a personal tour of the Wildflower Meadow, which is currently bursting with color thanks to its millions of Cosmos sulphureus (Sulphur Cosmos) and Cosmos bipinnatus (Garden Cosmos). Gibbs says Cosmos are easy to care for in yards and gardens and are known for attracting Monarch butterflies. 

Of course, the Wildflower Meadow is just one sliver of the more than 300 acres cultivated by Jim Gibbs and his dedicated team; other popular areas include the Waterlily Gardens and Monet Bridge, the Japanese Gardens, and the most recent addition to the lineup, the Inspiration Gardens (featured on Good Day Atlanta back in May). 

Right now, the property is open to visitors from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays through Sundays; admission is $20 for adults, $18 for seniors (65 and older), and $10 for kids (ages 3 to 17). 

When Jim Gibbs invited us up to see the vivid Cosmos of the Wildflower Meadow, we couldn’t wait to get there … and take plenty of pictures! Click the video player to check out our morning exploring this true North Georgia gem!

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