Good Day Atlanta viewer information: November 9, 2021

We’ve got the password to Alpharetta’s Roaring Social:  

You’ve heard about RoSo Clothiers in Alpharetta, right? The mysterious yet respectable clothing store founded in 1920 that seems to always pack in the evening crowds?

Well, no matter. It’s not the clothing that’s drawing in patrons. It’s what’s going on behind the doors inside. Want to find out for yourself? You’ll need the top-secret password.

This morning, the Good Day Atlanta team got a look behind those doors at Roaring Social, the hot new speakeasy in downtown Alpharetta, located in the Hamilton Hotel. Owned by the same team responsible for Fairway Social (which we visited back in May), Roaring Social is inspired by the hidden gathering spots of the Prohibition Era, combining the style of the 1920s with the modern comforts of today. 

Along with serving up craft cocktails nightly on Tuesdays through Sundays, Roaring Social also serves up a menu of small plates, live music, and boutique bowling (which means shorter lanes, smaller balls, and heavier pins). Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to get the password, make sure you also know the dress code before showing up!

Roaring Social is located at 35 Milton Avenue in Alpharetta; hours are 5 p.m. to midnight on Tuesdays through Thursdays and Sundays and 5 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Truth be told, RoSo Clothiers was never a real business, but Roaring Social most definitely is. How do we know? Because we spent the morning there, getting a look inside. Click the video player in this article to check it out!

"Christmas vs. The Walters" stars talk holiday stress:  

Feeling that holiday stress already? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. So are the characters in the new comedy "Christmas vs. The Walters," which just opened in select theatres nationwide.

"Christmas vs. The Walters" stars Shawnee Smith and Dean Winters as a couple barely keeping it all together as the clock ticks down to Christmas Day. For Smith, whose lengthy career includes starring roles in the hit TV series "Becker" and in the Saw franchise, the script was instantly relatable.

"You know, it’s like every Christmas I say, ‘I’m going to keep it simple,’" says Smith. "I’ve even had Christmases where I said, ‘We’re not even going to do gifts,’ you know? Cuts to me, Christmas Eve, ordering everything from everywhere … just in a panic!"

Smith’s character in the film deals with stray dogs, sibling drama, nosy neighbors, and the impending arrival of a new baby; it’s a hectic world brought to life by a star-studded cast of actors including Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern and Emmy-winning comedian Chris Elliott. But for Winters, known to audiences from HBO’s "Oz" and as the iconic "Mayhem" in Allstate Insurance commercials, the real gift of "Christmas vs. The Walters" was getting to act alongside one of his longtime favorites.

"I had a crush on Shawnee for years, going back to Leaving Las Vegas, and then through everything she’s done since then," says Winters. "Shawnee has this beautiful aura that just surrounds her. And then she’s got this voice that’s like paved honey, right? She’s just a delight to be around. And so, I was smitten that they cast me opposite her."

Christmas vs. The Walters is in select theatres now and will be available on-demand on Nov. 26. 

Cody Alan releasing his first book "Hear’s the Thing":  

Mega radio personality Cody Alan is giving fans an all-access pass into his life in a new book. In our noise-filled world, where everyone is so quick to speak, the fine art of listening is often lost. For Alan,  listening to other people is a crucial part of his job. However, honing his ability to hear the person he most needed to listen to himself ultimately led him to embrace his authentic self, in addition to strengthening his family, career, and community relationships. "Hear's the Thing" is available right now everywhere books are sold. 

Essence Atkins talks about the final installment of the "Coins Forever" series: 

The film picks up a few months after "Coins For Love." In this third and final installment of the "Coins" franchise, Madison and Alec are flourishing in their dream jobs and have grown their budding romance but new challenges open old wounds and threaten to derail their relationship and their friendship. Can they overcome their challenges? The film is the closing chapter of the network's popular "Coins" Franchise and stars Essence Atkins, Stephen Bishop, Golden Brooks, Kendrick Cross, TC Carson, and Demetria McKinney. The film will premiere on TV One Sunday, Nov. 14, at 7 p.m. Watch the trailer here.

Radio host, author, and America's Career Coach Ken Coleman joins us with more on "The Great Resignation:" 

Ken Coleman is the author of the new book, "From Paycheck To Purpose." He joins Good Day to talk about "The Great Resignation," the new leverage Millennials have in the workforce, and what companies need to know to attract and retain workers in this new environment. "Good Day Atlanta's" Natalie Fultz talks to him about recent research and his analysis regarding why so many Americans have quit their jobs. For more information on Ken Coleman click here. 

Henderson Wade talks about his latest role in Lifetime's "Picture Perfect Holiday": Fashion photographer Gaby Jones (Tatyana Ali) is eager to make a name for herself and finally gets her chance when she lands a coveted job at a magazine. Encouraged by an editor (Dina Meyer) to attend the annual Christmas Photography Retreat in the small town of Pine Falls to ramp up her skills, Gaby reluctantly signs up despite not being a huge fan of the holidays. When she arrives, she learns her rental has been double-booked with wildlife photographer, Sean (Henderson Wade) but soon discovers there’s more to a photo than what you see through the lens. As the two fall for each other, their life choices start to get in the way and the two must decide if they’re willing to take a risk in order to share a picture-perfect holiday together. "Picture Perfect Holiday" premieres Saturday at 8 p.m. on Lifetime. Click here to watch the trailer. 

Christal Jordan joins us from Rolling Out Magazine with more on the latest celebrity relationship news: For more information on Christal Jordan follow her on Instagram @enchantedpr.

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