Good Day Atlanta viewer information: March 1, 2021

Forget gold…there’s chocolate in those Dahlonega hills:

Dahlonega may be known as the site of the first gold rush in the United States, but these days the bustling North Georgia town is equally famous for its abundance of dessert chops. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this week is the perfect time to pay Dahlonega’s picturesque square a visit.

Starting today and continuing through March 8, Discover Dahlonega is hosting the first-ever Dahlonega Chocolate Crawl. Yes…we said chocolate crawl!  

Basically, the event is a sugary-sweet tour of the city, highlighting its various chocolate and sweet shops (along with full-service restaurants serving desserts) and encouraging visitors to stop in and sample some goodies.

A full list of participating shops may be found here — but they include the Fudge Factory, Shenanigans Irish Pub, and the Picnic Cafe and Dessertery.  

Of course, as soon as we heard the word "chocolate" we were heading north, ready to spend a morning sampling some of the best the state has to offer.  Click the video player in this article for a peek at our early morning chocolate crawl!

Rapper and actor Ice-T talks new show "The Mediator with Ice-T": 

When Ice-T was first approached about doing a new series for Fox Television Stations, he had one rule: No robes.

"They had an idea to do conflict resolution. I was like, 'I don't want to be no judge! I'm not a judge. I don't want to wear a robe … that's corny, that's fake.'"

And if there’s one thing the superstar musician and actor isn’t — it’s fake. So, instead of judging, Ice-T will be mediating on his new show, "The Mediator with Ice-T," premiering Monday on FOX 5 Atlanta.

"'The Mediator' is two people with any level of problem — it doesn't even have to have money involved — it's just a problem, and we try to get between them and solve their problem so they can live happily ever after," says the legendary rapper.  "I listen to the problem, and then I have a group of people I go to; one of them is Freddie Foxxx from hip-hop, they call him Bumpy Knuckles, who has his way of handling things. I have attorneys, I have psychologists, I have relationship experts. They give their two cents, I come back, I give a recommendation, and you either take it or leave it."

The half-hour series, which will air weekdays on FOX 5 Atlanta over a four-week preview period, is filmed in a virtual way, meaning the complainants join the host via streaming video. Ice-T says every case is real — and relatable.

"We had this one girl who just thought her sister should take care of her because she is the youngest and the cutest," he says with a laugh. "This little girl went on a trip with her sister, knowing she had no money. She had no money!  But, 'My sister's gonna take care of it.' I'm like, 'You just knew she would,' and it bothered me, so I checked her.  And I got her to understand, ‘Your sister loves you, but this could be all over real quick.’"  

As for mediating the beef between Buck Lanford and a certain handsome feature reporter, Ice-T says he’s up to the challenge.

"I'll mediate it over the phone! We have a mediation app that's coming, so we'll be promoting that over the show. So, I have no problem getting in between two people that's fighting, because I'm not fighting!"

You can catch "The Mediator with Ice-T" weekdays at 12:30 a.m. on FOX 5 Atlanta -- and you can follow the show on Instagram and Twitter.

Emory School of Medicine's Dr. Neil Winawer joins us with the latest COVID-19 news: For more information on Dr. Neil Winawer or his Instagram Coronavirus Q&A click follow him on Instagram @neilwinawer. 

Jenn Hobby from Star 94 and The Friendzy podcast joins us with more on the latest celebrity news.

Actor Trinity Whiteside joins us from "Tyler Perry's Sistas": 

"Tyler Perry's Sistas" actor Trinity Whitside joined Good Day with an update on his character Preston and more on the popular season. For more information on Trinity Whiteside click here.

Beat the Mom Burnout with Dr. Sheetal DeCaria: 

The headlines have read, "Working moms are not OK" and "America's mothers are in crisis." A staggering 3 million women have left the workforce since the start of the pandemic, many of them forced to leave because of challenges managing childcare, virtual learning, and their jobs. 

Dr. Sheetal DeCaria, author of the new bestselling book," Break The Chronic Pain Cycle," joins us this morning with some tips for moms who are feeling burnout. For more information on Dr. Decaria Sheetal click here.