Good Day Atlanta viewer information: June 10, 2022

Lily D. Moore talks her latest projects and more: Lily is an actress, model and advocate for people with disabilities whose fearless ambition is helping her achieve her dreams and pave a path for others. Lily was born with Down Syndrome, but her disability doesn't stand in her way. Moore quickly gained attention for her role as Rebecca, the outspoken, tell it like it is adopted sister of Paxton on Netflix’s "Never Have I Ever," becoming an instant fan favorite. She will soon star as the lead in Hallmark’s "Color My World With Love," which chronicles the romantic story of Kendall, a skilled painter with Down Syndrome. 

"Everyone has a dream to fall in love and get married one day, even people with disabilities," Lily said in a statement about the film. "I hope viewers take away that ‘Color my World with Love’ is about painting your own story through your emotions and that we all have endless possibilities." The film release on Hallmark June 12. 

Celebrity event planner Brittany Sharp gives tips on the latest wedding trends: Weddings are going back to normal, as folks are back to in person instead of virtual. Brittany Sharp goes over the latest trends she's been seeing this wedding season. From bright colors with the wedding party, to food trucks outside after reception. Click the video player for some great tips, and keep up with Brittany on social media @thesharpstandard

Pike Nurseries talks flowers that are great for summer heat: It’s June and even though summer is revving up, you don’t have to sacrifice your lovely garden that’s been blooming all spring. There are plenty of flowers that thrive in sizzling weather. Add these sun- and heat-lovers to your garden for color now that will last well into fall! Find a Pike Nursery near you by clicking here

Willie Moore Jr talks dealing with grief during hard times, and his upcoming "Battle for Families" event: There has been an overload of mass shootings around the world, families have been grieving over losing loved ones. Willie Moore Jr. talks about how to deal with grief. He'll also talk about the upcoming "Battle for Families" church tour. For more information on that click here.