Good Day Atlanta viewer information Jan. 4, 2021

Spinning under the open sky with Cyclebar East Cobb:  

Do a quick Internet search for "top New Year's Resolutions" and you’ll immediately see two words: more exercise.  And that’s probably truer than ever for 2021, given how much time we all spent at home last year.

So how do you get started on achieving those fresh fitness goals, while keeping safety front and center due to the ongoing pandemic?  The team at Cyclebar East Cobb has a few ideas that might just get your mind — and heart rate — racing.

We spent the morning at Cyclebar East Cobb, part of a global franchise of spin gyms created back in 2004 by siblings Bill Pryor and Alex Klemmer. Toward the beginning of the pandemic, the East Cobb team made the bold decision to take the spin bikes outdoors, offering some open-air classes in the parking lot.  No surprise, it became a popular option for those uncomfortable with returning to a gym and continues as part of the studio’s schedule in 2021.

As for the indoor classes, staffers say they’ve reduced class sizes to increase social distance, spaced class start times to allow for thorough cleaning between sessions, and instituted a contactless check-in system.

Of course, the Good Day Atlanta team is also trying to lose a few pounds and tone up in the new year (at least, one certain feature reporter is…), so, we dropped by Cyclebar East Cobb to check out an outdoor class.  Click the video player to see how it works — and click here for more information on the studio’s schedule of classes.

COVID-19 news with Dr. Neil Winawer:   

COVID-19 vaccinations continue to roll out but are they moving fast enough? Dr. Neil Winawer joins Good Day from Emory School of Medicine with the latest. For more on Dr. Winawer's Covid-19 Q&A on Instagram follow him @neilwinawer. 

Angela Buttimer provides tips for a brighter tomorrow: 

With the New Year comes hopes for a brighter tomorrow after dealing with a challenging 2020. But with so much in the air and a potential continuance of what we experienced last year, how does one cope in 2021? Angela Buttimer joins Good Day with help on moving forward in 2021. For more information on Buttimer click here.

Radio Personality Jenn Hobby joins us with three ways to kick start the new year with healthier eating habits.  For more information on Jenn Hobby follow her on Instagram @JennHobby.