Good Day Atlanta viewer information: Jan. 21, 2021

Travelers find peace in Atlanta’s intown treehouse:

Travel website Airbnb says people across the country are experiencing "wishlist wanderlust" — in other words, daydreaming about traveling after so many months of being cooped up indoors.  And here in Georgia, the company’s top destination is a secluded treehouse located right in the middle of metro Atlanta.

"Somebody called me and said, 'Hey, congratulations, you've been named the number one Airbnb in the world.' I didn't even know that was a thing," says Peter Bahouth, owner of Atlanta’s intown treehouse.

Bahouth built the treehouse two decades ago, using recycled materials to craft a three-room, open-air suite.

"My mother had these 85-year-old windows from a shrine in Syracuse that had butterflies pressed between them.  They were perfect," says Bahouth, giving Good Day Atlanta a tour of his unique hideaway.

Bahouth created the space for himself and enjoyed it for about 15 years.  But then, by chance, he read an article about the online vacation rental marketplace Airbnb.

"They were talking about how people liked unusual places, like teepees, treehouses, and yurts. And I said, 'Well, I have a treehouse suite. I wonder...' I didn't think anyone would ever come here. I really didn't."

He was wrong. Five years later, the secluded treehouse books up a year in advance and hosts travelers from around the world. It's Aibnb’s most wishlisted property in Georgia and remains one of the top in the world. For the team at Airbnb, the treehouse is a perfect example of why so many people are turning to the company during the pandemic.

"Treehouses are actually one of the most popular listing types for stays, especially this year. While guests are staying close to home, they're still looking for a unique experience," says Airbnb’s Liz DeBold Fusco. "Added on to that, for our guests who are staying in Atlanta's listings, they can really also take comfort in not only having a local experience but getting to support a local family. Our hosts in Atlanta have earned more than $30 million in total during the COVID-19 pandemic."

But for Peter Bahouth, the joy in sharing his treehouse isn’t material. It’s knowing that his creation — nestled among 200-year-old trees — offers a kind of peace that’s priceless.

"It has changed people. I see the look on their face.  They just need a break."

Sam Adams "The REAL life coach" gives tips on why New Year resolutions don’t work

Many people set New Year resolutions each year, but may not be accomplishing them. The REAL life coach Sam Adams gives four simple tips for how you can set meaningful goals and take advantage of not achieving them too. For more information on Sam Adams visit her website here. Check below for tips.

  • Think It out: Why you always need to start with giving some deep thought to your values and how to do it. Think about that when creating your resolutions list. 
  •  Find your why: The reason you want what you want and how you’ll benefit should you achieve your goal.
  •  Trust your gut: It’s all too easy to follow the crowd. Listen to your innate gut instinct …9 times out of 10 it's right!  If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.  is the perfect time to redeem credit card points for purchases, with travel limited for the foreseeable future.
  •  The secret sauce: what to do if you don’t achieve your goals and how that can be the best thing to happen. 

Lamar Odom talks his signing with celebrity boxing and new move to Atlanta

The world knows Lamar Odom as a two-time NBA world champion when he was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Since retiring from the NBA, he's had many other journeys and is still making moves. Lamar talked about what he has coming up on Good Day Atlanta.

Deji LaRay gives details on his upcoming show "Johnson":

The show follows life-long best friends who all have the same last name of Johnson as they navigate love, friendship, heartbreak, and personal growth. Led by D.L Hughley, the cast also includes Thomas Q. Jones, series creator Deji LaRay, Philip Smithey, Derrex Brady, Khalilah Joi, Terri Abney, and Rosa Acosta. "Johnson" has started filming in Atlanta. The dramedy is set to premiere in the summer of 2021.    

Erica Key author of the blog "Eating With Erica" joins us with a look at Atlanta's most Instagrammable restaurants:   

The term do it "for the gram" has become more and more common. When dining in Atlanta, an important aspect of dining is the ambiance and making sure the restaurant is Instagrammable. 

Atlanta has several picturesque restaurants. These restaurants not only have beautiful decor, but the food and cocktails match the ambiance. When planning your next date night or girl's night out, Key has suggestions of restaurants that are sure to please. For more information on Erica Key click here.