Golfers, dinosaurs come out to help 6-year-old Woodstock boy battling cancer

The Woodstock Public Safety Foundation hosted a charity golf tournament Thursday. All proceeds went to "Team Ezra." He is a 6-year-old who has battled a brain tumor since he was 18 months old.  

"We're so thankful for our growing family but for the past 4.5 years it's been a lot of appointments--in  the thousands of appointments," his mother, Ramona King, said of the medical bills.

The boy's father, Travis King, is a Woodstock police officer. The city's public safety foundation has rallied behind the family to ease treatment costs with this festive golf tournament. It is a gesture the family says has a noticeable effect.

"Not only our family but any officer or firefighter who is in need," Travis King said.

The foundation even incorporated some of what Ezra loves. There were large, green, scaly creatures on the course green, all for that resilient little boy.

"Dinosaurs, all sorts of animals and superheroes-- anything a normal 6-year-old would love, we love it," Mrs. King said.

More than 100 people showed up Thursday.

Tickets to tee-off sold out well before the official tournament date. Teams of four paid $500. Sponsors paid in tiers at $750... $1,500 and $2,000.

An additional raffle at the tournament helped raise even more money.

The Bierenbaum Family Foundation also partnered with Woodstock. It is an organization that supports officers going through hardships.

The Woodstock Public Safety Foundation has held a golf tournament every year for the past seven years, but this time it was specifically dedicated to Ezra.

Every penny goes to the King family, so Ezra can stand as tall and tough as the archaic creatures he adores.