Ghost Brothers search for the world’s scariest videos 

They’re the scariest images ever caught on camera — from spirits haunting security footage to UFOs zipping by in the sky.  And now, four guys who know a thing or two about the paranormal will compete weekly to find the video most likely to have you sleeping with the lights on!

"Fright Club" is a new streaming series from discovery+ featuring Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey, and Juwan Mass — known collectively as the Ghost Brothers — and Jack Osbourne in a weekly quest to find the scariest footage in the world.  

The concept is simple: each week, the guys present the creepiest videos they can find, and then vote on which one should be named the "Nightmare Clip."  And while the show itself may be easy to explain, the videos themselves will leave you asking plenty of questions.

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"You’ve got to have those that make you think," says Mass. "I’m scared of dolls, so if it’s dolls, that freaks me out. If it’s a video where you’ve got kids, I’m pretty sure Dalen would be terrified.  Demonic things?  Marcus is going to be like, ‘Yo, I’m out!’"  

The series’ first three episodes began streaming on Feb. 9, and new episodes hit discovery+ each Tuesday.  For a sneak peek at the series and to hear our chat with the Ghost Brothers, click the video player in this article!

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