Georgia voter purge hearing happening today

Lawyers are headed to court Thursday hoping to stop the state of Georgia from removing 309,000 people from the voter rolls.

Thursday afternoon, a federal judge will hold a hearing on the voter purge. Earlier this week the judge ok'd the plan but agreed to take it up again.

The state is removing the voters from the rolls because they've either moved or failed to cast a ballot in recent elections. Opponents, including Fair Fight which is suing the state, claim the purge disenfranchises otherwise eligible voters.

Officials from the Secretary of State's Office say there's nothing nefarious about the purge, saying they're just trying to have accurate rolls and improve security.

But opponents like the ACLU say the voter purge disproportionally impacts the young, poor and people of color.

The State sent out postcards to people whose registration was at risk. They were given 30 days to notify the Secretary of State's Office to keep their right to vote.  Originally 313,000 people were slated to be removed from the rolls. The new lower number reflects the 4,000 voters who came forward after getting their postcard.

The Judge only allowed the state to move forward with the purge after officials agreed to restore the voters to the rolls if he later ordered them to do so.