Georgia Secretary of State's Office, business leaders recruit poll workers

Poll workers are in high demand this November after the June primary. The Secretary of State's Office is teaming up with business leaders and organizations to help recruit poll workers.

Many experienced poll workers may not come back this November because of the risk of COVID-19, so election officials are now looking to the younger generation to fill the void.

"It's our time," said Amanda Perez, who recently applied to be a poll worker.

Perez says now is the time to get involved in the November election. She already signed up to be a poll worker.

"It's something that I've always wanted to do, but I always kind of put it off because it didn't seem necessary," said Perez, "Like, they had enough people."

But back in June, that was not the case. A lack of poll workers contributed to long lines at several precincts. Perez says she didn't experience it herself, but she did notice more voters in June.

"This year was the first time I actually had to stand in line. Every single machine was taken," explained Perez, "There were three or four people in front of me in line. I think that goes to speak about how many more people are voting."

The Secretary of State is teaming up with the Georgia Center for Civic Engagement and other organizations to get much-needed poll workers ready for fall. Voter turnout in Georgia is expected to be three times higher than it was in June.

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"Within my age group, I feel like a lot of people are stepping up," said Perez, "They're being more vocal politically, and they're getting more involved altogether."

There's especially a drive this year to recruit younger poll workers who are less susceptible to COVID-19. The Secretary of State says it needs to be 15,000 to 20,000 poll workers to help in November. People as young as 16-years-old can sign up to become a poll worker.

"If you have the opportunity to work a poll, you need to take that opportunity," said Perez, "Now is the time because other people are more medically fragile than us."

If you live in Fulton County, be sure to double-check your polling place. The Fulton County Board of Elections voted on Friday to change more than 40 polling places.

Officials say if you are impacted you should be notified by mail.

You can also check the My Voter Page.

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