Georgia farmers trying to protect crops from cold weather

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It is a race against both time and temperatures for North Georgia farmers who are trying to protect their crops from this March arctic blast.

At one farm in Fayette County, farmer Russell Adams is intentionally covering hisplants in ice to keep them warn,

The thick icy layer actually protects the plants from the even colder air temperature and actually produces heat. But Adams is concerned about his peach trees which can't be irrigated and frozen. They are blooming two weeks early.

"I'm afraid they're not going to make it," he said.

SkyFox drone flew over the Adams U-Pick Farm in Fayette County. March last year was just as cold and just as bad for this farm family. This year the challenging cold has started earlier than last year.  

"Right now there's a lot of sleepless nights," he said.

In their blueberry patch the sprinklers are working here too to cover the plants in ice to protect them from tonight's deep freeze.

At the Adams Farm they've seen a thing or too and they're is optimistic that their knowledge and hard work are equal to the challenges of Georgia's changing weather. 

"People are ready for us to open," Virginia Adams said. "They're calling. They're wanting to know when the berries are ready."