Georgia couple exchanges vows and heads to the Varsity

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Credit: Lauren Banks

April 1, 1950 they snuck off to a church in downtown and said their vows.  The couple went straight to the Varsity and after their celebratory hot dogs, they continued their celebration with a piece of Varsity peach pie.

In 1949, Lyndon Shaw had just gotten home from the Panama Canal after being honorably discharged from the military. He was 22 and came back home to Milstead, Georgia. Lyndon met Loretta, who lived two doors down from him. She was 16 and both fell in love at first sight.  Six short months later, Lyndon asked Loretta very simply, if she wanted to get married.

“My grandfather has dementia and can no longer care for himself. To this day, my grandma had never left his side,” said granddaughter Lauren Banks. “These two are my world!”

Congratulations on 66 years of marriage!