Georgia considers return to paper ballots for elections

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There's a new push to safeguard election results in Georgia.

A lawmaker has proposed a bill to replace touch-screen voting machines with paper ballots.

Republican State Representative Scot Turner of Holly Springs claims pencil-marked paper ballots are safer.

"The most secure elections in the world are conducted with a piece of paper and a pencil," said Rep. Turner.

The paper ballots would be tabulated similar to a standardized test using optical scan machines.

But Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp said the current electronic voting systems are accurate and efficient.

"And the fraud we see in Georgia, is with paper ballots, so, I would be very careful going back to the old days of the hanging chad," said Brian Kemp, Georgia Secretary of State.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said what's crucial is redundancy. He said there must be a backup system for recording votes if ever there's a technical glitch or deliberate meddling.

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