Georgia Aquarium opens up for 'play day' for 4-legged friends from the Atlanta Humane Society

When the people are away, the puppies will play! That’s the idea behind the “Puppy Play Day” at the Georgia Aquarium.

The Georgia Aquarium is currently closed, like many public places, due to the coronavirus, but the team decided to open its doors to our four-legged friends.

The Atlanta Humane Society shared a video and photos of the extremely cute outing to help “bring joy to people’s day.”

Two puppies were invited to the aquarium. Carmel and Odie, who are both currently in foster homes, spent an afternoon exploring the Ocean Voyager gallery.

The two pups appeared to enjoy themselves watching the fish as they swam by and overhead. Eventually, all the excitement caught up with the pair of pups and they ended up tuckered out.

The two ended up napping next to the glass.

The Atlanta Humane Society reminds people who might have room in their home for one more, there are many puppies like Carmel and Odie, as well as older dogs and cats who need a good forever or foster home.

Anyone who also would like to help the AHS financially can do so by going to