Georgia angler hooks unique-looking fish, snags state record 2 months after it's broken

A fisherman in Georgia is now the second angler to set a new record for the same fish in the span of two months.

Brian C. Richburg, 29, from Brunswick, Georgia, is now the official record holder for the queen triggerfish after reeling in the vibrant species on May 17, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The angler went out with some friends, targeting mahi mahi, shellfish and wahoo, but around lunchtime the bites began to slow down, Richburg told Fox News Digital.

During that lull, Richburg started bottom fishing and, to his surprise, he reeled in something big, bright and "beautiful," he said.

Brian Richburg has set the new record for the queen triggerfish in Georgia after reeling in a catch weighing 9 pounds, 6.24 ounces. (CRD/Georgia DNR/Brian Richburg)

He caught his record-breaking fish offshore in roughly 180 feet of water near the South Ledge.

At first, Richburg was unaware that his queen triggerfish was a record breaker.

"I was about to start cleaning the fish, I'd already cleaned all the other fish, and, I was literally about to put a knife to it," Richburg said.

Richburg's catch weighed 9 pounds, 6.24 ounces.

This new record surpasses the previous record set on April 7 by Ryan R. Simons of Richmond Hill. Simmons' catch weighed 7.58 pounds.

"Georgia’s coast offers a great variety of both offshore and inshore fishing, so it’s no surprise that Mr. Richburg was able to land his trophy fish," Tyler Jones, public information officer for the DNR, told Fox News Digital.

"It’s a little unusual for a record to be broken so quickly, but it in no way diminishes the achievement of the previous record holder, Mr. Ryan Simons," Jones said.

The queen triggerfish species is known for its recognizable shape and distinct, vibrant colors, according to the DNR.

The DNR officially recognized the state record after verifying the weight and species of Richburg's catch, the DNR's press release said.

Richburg will be presented with a certificate signed by Gov. Brian Kemp, DNR Commissioner Walter Rabon and Coastal Resources Division Director Doug Haymans. Richburg is currently featured on the DNR's website, recognizing him as the official record holder.

"Georgia DNR works hard to ensure our state has great fishing opportunities for everyone, whether that’s through our artificial reef program, our beach water quality monitoring or our public access work including the new Georgia Beyond Barriers handicap accessibility initiative," Jones said.

"We want to see anglers out there making memories and sometimes even breaking records." 

Richburg is excited to get back out on the water for some upcoming fishing tournaments starting June 1, but right now he's enjoying being recognized as a record-breaking angler.

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