‘GDOT prepares for icy roads, dangerous conditions’

Temperatures dropped across the metro area Thursday which raised a big concern for those traveling on the roadways.

Workers with the Georgia Department of Transportation worked all day pre-treating the roads with brine.

"There won’t be a white Christmas but there will be an ice Christmas," GDOT Spokesperson Natalie Dale said.

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It’s been an all-day event at the Georgia Department of Transportation Brine Facility in Forest Park as crews prepared for the storm system that brought freezing temperatures to the area.

"We aren’t talking about widespread road conditions. We are talking about black ice which is dangerous because it can’t be seen it blends with the pavement," Dale said.

In north Georgia, the winter weather was evident as snow lightly blanketed the grass and cars in areas like Pickens County.

Black ice is a big concern for much of the metro area.

Dale said crews laid down brine to get ahead and will work around the clock if needed.

"We have crews on standby with plow trucks that have the harder materials like gritty rock salt that we will put on bridges and overpasses that are really the typical things that ice first," Dale said.

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Officials urge drivers to make sure their car is loaded with essentials just in case of an emergency.

"If you’re leaving, make sure you have a warm coat. If your car breaks down you don’t want to be stuck without important things to keep you warm," Dale said.

Fatalities on Georgia roads this year sits at 1,582 compared to 1,465 overall in 2019.

Crews urge drivers to stay off roads unless necessary.

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