GBI: Officer shoots suspect in East Point

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating an officer-involved shooting, this time in the city of East Point involving three officers.

It happened early Sunday morning on Luther Drive after a series of responses from police to the same location involving the same man.

The GBI took over the case after investigators say East Point Police responded several times to Luther Drive involving the same man who appeared to be quote  ‘inebriated’

The first response came in the early morning hours to a call of shots fired.

“The first time I heard gunfire was around five o’clock prior to that no but I understand from neighbors there was some gunshots,” said a woman who lives near the crime scene who did not want her name used or face shown.

She didn’t know if the gunfire she heard was the same gunfire which according to the GBI involved three East Point Police officers and 38-year-old Devin Harris.

Randy Ivey was headed to church when he was detoured by the crime scene.

“When I come out I seen the crime tape right over here two houses up, well I knew I couldn’t go that way,” said Ivey. 

The GBI tells Fox 5 News when East Point police responded to the area the last time the officers encountered Harris with a gun.

The GBI said at some point Harris and the three officers fired their weapons. 

Harris was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after the GBI says he suffered gunshot wounds.

Unclear what led to the gunfire. The GBI says none of the three East Point Officers were injured.

Randy Ivey tells me he’s isn’t particularly shocked by an officer-involved shooting but is shocked it happened on Luther Drive where he’s lived for three decades

“It’s shocking in a way but it happens all the time, that’s just bad. But does it happen in your neighborhood? It’s the first time,” said Ivey.

Harris was listed in stable condition at the hospital.