Fulton County student raising money to supply every student with mask for fall

A rising Fulton County Public Schools senior is working to make sure every student has a mask for the fall, despite the district's decision to make masks optional.

Sydney Harrison says she wants to experience campus life, but she wants protection from COVID-19, too.

“It’s worth it as long as people are safe,” she said.

Harrison told FOX 5’s Alex Whittler she has done the math and believes providing masks for every Fulton County student is attainable, even with talk of potential budget cuts.

“Roughly a pack of 50 is around 20 dollars, so if you divide that among the students it’s roughly 40 cents a kid,” she said.

Harrison says she’s not satisfied with the county’s decision to “recommend” masks, as opposed to mandating them.

“If they’re going to push the schools to reopen, then they need to supply the schools with the necessary resources to do so," she said. "If they don’t, we’re going to end up in another lockdown and I don’t think anyone wants that,” Harrison said.

The school system’s website states "if face-to-face learning resumes, students will undergo random temperature checks; masks are expected on school buses and strongly encouraged during school and additional protective equipment will be housed in school clinics and when serving medically fragile students.”

Harrison was disappointed when her junior year and marching band plans were upended in the spring because of the virus, but she says those efforts aren't enough.

“I thought I could do something that would get the entire community involved,” she said.

Harrison says she knows this is a divisive matter, but so far, the response has been positive.

She says she’ll keep close tabs on developments with the school and no matter the outcome, mask mandate or not, all money raised will go toward keeping students safe.

“If the county does end up mandating masks, the money will still go toward cleaning supplies for five institutions,” she said.

To donate to Harrison’s mask fund, click here.