Free COVID-19 PCR testing kiosks popping up across Georgia

The Georgia Department of Public Health released a video on how to use COVID-19 testing kiosks.

The Georgia Department of Public Health is debuting kiosks that provide free COVID-19 PCR tests and results in roughly two days. 

The health department said Wednesday kiosks offer tests 24/7 in most locations. There is a brief registration to complete online or at the kiosk.

Patients receive a confirmation code by registering online or at the kiosk. Scanning that code will dispense test kits that include a nasal swab and instructions. 

Once the specimen is labeled and repackaged, patients leave the kit in the kiosk to be picked up and transported to a lab for testing. 


Kiosk users will receive an email or text within 48 hours providing their test results.

"COVID-19 testing is one of many prevention measures, along with vaccination and booster doses, masking, and physical distancing, that protect you and others by reducing the chances of spreading COVID-19," a statement from the Georgia DPH said.

The DPH uploaded a video on how to use the kits and officials said a map with locations will be found on the state health department's website.