Former HR chief for Atlanta is still getting paid full salary

The former human resources manager for the city of Atlanta resigned during the early summer. But Marian Woods continued to draw a full check for all these months. 

One member of council, Michael Bond, wants an explanation. He wants to know why taxpayers are paying for in effect two HR chiefs at the same time.

Some background on Ms. Woods. She had no intention of leaving her post when controversy started swirling around her management. Several employees signed a letter complaining of a hostile work environment. One alleged she got into a physical altercation with Woods. 

Statements were taken by the city law department. The outcome of the investigation found the information about an altercation to be false. 

"She stepped on some toes while trying to do a good job," said Gina Pagnotta-Murphy. "She's knowledgeable and she cares about the workers. "

Pagnotta-Murphy, who heads a prominent city union (PACE), said employees advanced during the short time Woods was inside the building. 

The mayor's office explains that the ex-HR chief remained involved and paid for working on projects from home, including a firefighter pay raise study and cutting waste in government.