Flash flooding strands drivers, stalls cars

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A heavy downpour from pop-up showers during Friday rush hour traffic caused drivers to get stuck, and caused traffic on streets and the freeway to come to a crawl. 

Atlanta firefighters said at least a dozen vehicles were stranded in the flood waters, which reached levels of 4 feet as our FOX 5 Storm Team said 2 to 3 inches came down around the 5 p.m. hour. 

Video from Atlanta firefighters showed rescue crews lowering an engine ladder to help get a man stranded along North Avenue and Argonne.

Other cell phone video recorded by viewer Chris Scott showed a man walking up to a vehicle stuck in flood waters at the Midtown Place shopping center, and helping carry the driver to safety.

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Numerous other videos sent by FOX 5 viewers showed flooded streets and parking structures, from Ponce City Market to an apartment complex off North Avenue. 

Vehicles attempting to drive through the flood waters ended up stalling, causing slowdowns as the water quickly receded.

Firefighters advise drivers to always stay away from standing water, as a vehicle can float with only a foot of water. 

"It's just a precaution not to force your way or rush through it. Turn around, don't drown", said Sgt. Cortez Stafford.