Five arrested in Coweta County arson case

Five Coweta County men have been charged with arson after authorities said they set fire to a house and posted the videos to social media.

The fire posed such a danger that forestry service personnel had to set up fire breaks to protect nearby homes.

It was a big house. Vacant, but big. Investigators said it was about 4,400-square feet and there is very little left after this devastating fire.

Crime scene photos show the destroyed home. The fire was so intense that there was a real concern for neighboring property.

The fire happened back in April, but investigators got a recent break when they learned videos of the suspects allegedly setting the fires had been posted to social media.

Arrested was 20-year-old Brandon Andrew Nino, 18-year old Bryan Thomas Libourel, 20-year-old Collin Landon Gwinn, 20-year old Stone Landon Matheson, and 19-year-old Lanier Daniel Brooking. Investigators said they are all charged with first-degree arson. Investigators said four the men are also facing charges of criminal damage to property.