Fire crews rescue woman trapped in car pinned under dump truck

A woman pinned in her car and trapped underneath a dump truck for about an hour Monday is now free thanks to DeKalb County fire and rescue crews.

Sky FOX 5 hovered above Rodgers Lake Road near South DeShon Road as DeKalb firefighters hustled to safely rescue that woman who was nearly crushed by the dump truck. First responders managed to get her into an ambulance about an hour after the horrible collision.

Robert Sales was in his front yard just before 1 p.m. Monday afternoon. He says he saw the driver of the dump truck slam on his breaks and ultimately lose control of the vehicle before crossing the center line and striking the woman's car almost head on. 

First responders are working to free people trapped in a two-vehicle crash involving an overturned dump truck. 

The woman's car landed in a ditch upside down with the dump truck on top. The driver of the dump truck was not injured.

Crews managed to rescue the woman. She was flown to a hospital for treatment. Firefighters say she is lucky to be alive.

The driver of the dump truck was cited for Failure to Maintain Lane, according to DeKalb County Police Department.